Your complete guide on how to use your oven

Figuring out how to use your oven at home can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re not at home in the kitchen. But in reality, it’s easier than you might think, as long as you keep a few basic things in mind. With this guide, Electrolux Philippines will help you on your oven cooking journey.

Below are some basic things you should know about how to use an oven:

1. Determine the kind of oven you have

2. Find a location to put your oven rack

3. Preheat your oven to the right temperature

4. Identify and work around your oven’s hot spots

5. Keep your oven clean

Electrolux is a well-known Swedish multinational company. It produces high-end home appliances such as stoves, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, and most famously, vacuum. Matter of fact, they came into the market with the vacuum cleaner in the very beginning.

While time evolved with technological advancements, Electrolux incorporated a lot of different safety measures in their oven.

The child lock is the most famous one and is very much effective for the accidental opening of the oven door.

Today we are going to tell you how to unlock Electrolux oven in this article. You will find it really fascinating the way they work.

What you should know about preheating your oven

All ovens need to be preheated, whether they’re gas, electric, or convection. The only difference is the time it takes for them to reach the best cooking temperature. Gas ovens generally reach high temperatures much more quickly than other types, with the oven often ready for cooking within 5 to 10 minutes of turning it on. Electric ovens and convection ovens need a bit more time, so allow for 15 to 20 minutes for preheating. Modern ovens will usually let you know when preheating is done, either with an indicator light or on an LED screen.

When you’re preheating, remember to:

  • Not open the oven door unnecessarily, since the heat will escape and the preheating will take longer
  • Take out the cooking trays you need before turning on the oven

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How to work around your oven’s hot spots

Ovens often have areas with more intense heat and areas with less heat. Those hotter sections, the so-called “hot spots”, can be used to cook food more quickly, but also put your food at risk of burning. Gas ovens are most notorious for these hot spots, since the heat distribution in gas ovens isn’t as even as it is in electric or convection ovens.

Here are some tips on how to deal with your oven’s hot spots:

  • Find the hot spots by putting slices of bread on a cooking tray and putting them in the oven. Bread that browns more quickly indicate hot spots.
  • To make sure your food cooks evenly, turn your cooking trays around frequently or use a rotating cooking tray.

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How to keep your oven clean

Keeping your oven clean is imperative for getting good cooking results. Not only is grime and residue unsightly, but when heated it also creates smells that may then linger on whatever it is you’re cooking.

Many modern ovens come with a self-cleaning function, usually in three varieties:

  • Pyrolytic ovens burn grease and sugar residue, so you only have to wipe up a bit of ash
  • Catalytic ovens work similarly, but only take care of grease, while sugar residue is unaffected
  • Steam-cleaning ovens soften up the dirt for you, so you only have to wipe It off with a rag

For manual oven cleaning, you also have several options:

Where to place your oven rack

For about 90% of all cooking cases, the answer to the question “Where in the oven should I place my food” is “in the middle”. Ovens are designed in a way that makes the very middle the place with the most even heat distribution, so most foods will cook very well there.

However, here are some additional tips:

  • If you’re baking things that should have an extra crispy underside, place the rack near the bottom
  • If you’re going for a crunchy crust or broiling, place it near the top.
  • If you’re cooking more than one batch of something, such as cookies, you might want to put one sheet near the top, one near the bottom, and then rotate them. In a convection oven, however, this isn’t as important, since the heat gets circulated evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking your Electrolux oven door is an easy enough process. Simply press the timer and temperature sensor together. And it will beep. The screen will flash SAFE once and the door will be unlocked.

How do I get my oven out of lock mode?

If your oven is in lock mode and you need to open it right away, simply press the temperature and timer sensor key together. If that doesn’t work, go for the hard way. Simply unplug your oven from the power socket and leave it for a minute or so. Then connect it again. The oven door will be out of lock mode by now.

How do I unlock my oven door?

Different ovens require a different way to unlock their doors. Some have hidden functions that cannot be accidentally triggered. This is a child lock safety feature that is very much handy for any home. But normally there is a cancel and off-key that you can press on for 3 seconds in an oven and it will unlock your oven door.

How do I unlock my oven key?

To unlock your oven keys, pressing and holding on the cancel button will unlock your oven key. You might need to hold down the key for about 5 seconds. And it will do the trick.

Applies to

  • Electrolux Single Rotary Dial Oven
  • Electrolux Double Rotary Dial Oven
  • Electrolux Single Touch Control Oven
  • Electrolux Double Touch Control Oven


Important! When using any grill function the oven doors must stay closed.

There are usually 3 different types of Grilling options on Electrolux multifunction ovens (depending on Model)

Grill Functions Explained

How to use the Grill function on Electrolux Ovens

To set a grilling function using the rotary controls:

Step 1 – Turn the control dial for the heating functions to select a Grill function.

Step 2 – Turn the control dial to select the temperature.

Step 3 – Place food in the oven safely and close the oven door.

Step 4 – Monitor the food closely as grilling can be a very quick cooking method.

Step 5 – When food is ready, return the control dials to the off position to turn off the oven and remove food from the oven using a heatproof glove.

Step 1 – Turn on the oven and select Heating Functions.

Step 2 – Select the grilling option you would like to use

Step 3 – Press: OK. The display shows the temperature.

Step 4 – Press

to select the temperature. Press OK. Place food in the oven and close the door.

Step 5 – Press: START.

Step 6 – Press: STOP to turn off the heating function. Remove food from the oven using a heatproof glove.

Step 7 – Turn off the oven

Double Oven Rotary Dial

There will be two grilling options in your top oven and the symbols will look like this

There will be two grilling options in your bottom oven and the symbols will look like this

Double Touch Control Model

When you switch the oven on you will see an arrow pointing up on the screen. The arrow pointing up is referring to the top oven. To move to the bottom oven, press the oven selection

Step 1. Switch the oven on and select the top or bottom oven

Step 2. Select the grill function you would like to use and press OK.

Step3. Select the temperature and press OK

Step 4. If you wish to set a timer for the grill press the clock symbol

set the time and press OK

Step 5. Close the oven door.

Step 6. Monitor the food closely as grilling can be a quick cooking method.

Step 7. When food is ready, switch off the oven and remove the food from the oven using a heatproof glove.

How to Unlock Electrolux Oven

You can unlock your Electrolux oven in two different ways. Both of them work every time. Due to the child safety feature, you cannot turn off the auto-lock function of your oven. But you can always reset it to its factory settings if you want to.

How to Unlock Your Electrolux Oven From Child Lock

To unlock your Electrolux oven, simply press the timer and temperature sensor button together. Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds.

There will be a small beep sound and it will unlock. You will see SAFE written on your display and there will be no lock signs appearing on the screen.

To lock it back again, you have to press the timer and temperature sensor button together and hold it for 5 seconds and it will lock.

How to Unlock Your Electrolux Oven From Self Cleaning

If your Electrolux oven went into self-cleaning mode, you can cancel the function and open the oven door if you need it.

You just have to press the cancel button when it is in self-cleaning mode. Though it takes a good 3-5 minutes to stop, it will eventually stop the self-cleaning function.

Another Way to Unlock Your Electrolux Oven

The last way to unlock your Electrolux oven is to reset the oven from its settings. It might sound like a big fuss, but in reality, it is the easiest thing to do.

Simply turn off the power of the oven and take the plug out of the socket. Leave it for almost 5 minutes and put it back on. By this time your oven will be reset to its original settings.

You will find the oven lock is not in place.

Find out what kind of oven you have

You need to know what kind of oven you’re dealing with to be able to use it efficiently. There are several different types of ovens, and they need to be used in different ways. Here are the most important varieties:

Gas ovens

Gas ovens use a gas-fuelled burner to cook your food. Gas is brought to the burner and ignited, and burns until the oven reaches the set temperature. The burner is then automatically turned off until the temperature lowers again. It then turns on to reach the set temperature again.

If your home already has a gas connection, gas ovens are relatively cheap to install and run, though they are notorious for their uneven heat distribution.

Electric ovens

Electric ovens use electrically heated coils to cook the food. The coils heat up relatively slowly, but then keep a constant temperature more steadily than a gas oven can. While electric ovens can be more expensive to run, many people also find them more convenient, especially for baking and broiling.

Convection ovens

An oven is the ultimate cooking machine, letting you create everything from cookies and cakes to casseroles, lasagnas and pizzas. And when you really know how to use your oven, cooking even intricate meals becomes as easy as pie. With Electrolux ovens, you also have the benefit of the latest technologies like pyrolytic cleaning, super-safe glass doors and steam cooking, so take the leap to upgrade your kitchen today.

Responsible for 30% of global emissions, the food industry is one of the biggest contributors to climate change from production to consumption. Discover Electrolux’s Make it Last – Taste campaign that strives to make sustainable eating the preferred choice.


Having an oven in your home is not a luxury, but a necessity. It eases the cooking work by a ton and you can have your favorite cookie anytime you want. But with a home where there are children around, the child lock does wonder. Kids love small places they can crawl into. So if you don’t want anything bad to happen in your home, leave your Electrolux oven lock feature on at all times.

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