Vanilla waffles with egg whites

Vanilla waffles with egg whites

Another recipe that will help you effectively use the extra egg whites that remain after making custards, Easter cakes, crème brulee and Viennese cookies. Delicious delicate waffles that are combined with a variety of toppings (syrups, jams, whipped cream, ice cream, etc.). And they are good on their own, just with powdered sugar.

Such waffles are stored perfectly – a week in a closed container passes without excesses.

Ingredients for 12 pieces

The foundation

  • butter 170 grams
  • sugar 170 grams
  • vanilla sugar 1 tsp
  • milk 60 ml.
  • flour 175 grams
  • baking powder 1 tsp
  • egg whites 3 pcs.

Cooking recipe

Combine melted butter, plain and vanilla sugar and milk. Mix with a whisk. Add flour and knead a thick (but not tough) dough.

Whisk the egg whites until medium peaks.

Add a third of the egg whites to the dough and mix gently with movements from bottom to top.

Add the remaining egg whites and mix gently again.

We heat the waffle iron (if there is an adjustment – the heating is slightly stronger than average), grease with oil. Put the dough into it in portions and bake the waffles. We serve!