Poppy seed cake with coffee cream

Poppy seed cake with coffee cream

This cake is simply incomparable. The combination of poppy cakes and butter coffee cream is something. When I eat it, I remember tiramisu and my mother’s poppy seed cake at the same time. In short, it is impossible to stop, and eating this cake is fraught with weighty extra pounds.

The cake according to the layout from the recipe turns out to be quite large. If you plan on making it for a family of 4, it makes sense to reduce the amount of ingredients and the diameter of the cake.

Ingredients per form 24 cm


  • poppy 300 grams
  • eggs 7 pcs.
  • sugar 300 grams
  • flour 70 grams
  • baking powder 1 teaspoon


  • mascarpone 500 grams
  • instant coffee 2 teaspoon
  • cream 33% 150 ml.
  • icing sugar 100 grams
  • cocoa powder 1 tablespoon

Cooking recipe

Cooking a biscuit. Boil the poppy seeds with boiling water and leave for 15 minutes.

We drain the water. We pass the poppy through a meat grinder with a fine grid once or through a regular grid three times.

Beat the yolks with half the sugar.

Add ground poppy seeds and mix. We introduce flour sifted with baking powder and vanilla sugar, gently mix again.

Drive in the proteins with the second half of the sugar to medium peaks.

Add a quarter of the protein to the poppy seed mousse and mix gently. Combine the remaining whipped protein with the poppy seed mass and gently stir with a spatula with movements from bottom to top.

We shift to the form. We bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees until tender and a dry match for about 35-40 minutes (for a mold of smaller diameter, the time will be slightly less). Cool in the form, then take out and cut into 3 cakes.

Preparing the cream. Grind coffee into powder and add to mascarpone at room temperature. Beat with a mixer until smooth. Add the chilled cream and whisk again. Add the icing sugar at the end.

Layering the cakes with cream. Sprinkle cocoa cake on top. Serving. Enjoy your tea!