Ginger waffles

Ginger waffles

My waffle iron is either idle or actively working 🙂 There is no third. Not so long ago I shared with you a recipe for apple waffles here. Now I’m giving away the recipe for ginger waffles. It contains ginger and cinnamon – just like in Christmas cookies. The dough itself is biscuit butter. That … Read more Ginger waffles

Lemon curd cake

“If fate brings you lemons, make lemonade out of them.” Fate gave me an extra 2 kg, for example. But there was no lemonade. But there was this incredible lemon cake. There is nothing unusual in his composition – everything is trivial. But at the same time, the result is very cool. There was absolutely … Read more Lemon curd cake

Apple waffles

Get out your waffle makers and get a new portion of apples from the balcony)))) We will bake apple waffles. The dough for them is kneaded as simply as possible from the most trivial ingredients. I quickly kneaded the dough, grated the apples, mixed everything – and bake for myself 🙂 There are such waffles … Read more Apple waffles