How Much is an Automatic Pancake Machine Cost

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Are you in search of the perfect pancake maker? Who doesn’t want an easy and convenient partner to help you create a breakfast meal that’ll make your morning great, right? Well, you are in the right place! Prepare your favorite go-to because the search is almost over. We got you a handy list of the best pancake makers you can choose from!

Do you know how much is a

cost? Our company has developed automatic pancake machines with different output for customers, and the price is between 8,000 and 20,000 US dollars.

The machine replaces manual or small semi-automatic production. Automated production can increase pancake production and meet market demand. Very economical and practical to help customers run their pancake business.

The easiest way to make pancakes quickly is with an electric pancake maker from Maxima. Thanks to its simple operation, anyone can now make the perfect pancakes at any location. Maxima offers pancake makers in various sizes. Do you prefer the classic large, round pancake or the smaller thick American style pancake?

Few things are better than a stack of light, fluffy pancakes, especially if you can enjoy them in your own home. Although you can cook pancakes in a pan or griddle, a pancake maker eases the process more than a little. Similar to a waffle maker, a pancake maker lets you insert dough, close the lid, and enjoy a perfectly-cooked pancake.

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As you’re shopping around, though, it’s important to recognize the different types of pancake makers available. You can find electric griddles if you need to shop for larger groups, but those work like standard griddles. That means you’ll be pouring the dough, waiting and flipping it when it’s time. For the true convenience you get with a Belgian waffle maker, you’ll need to look for a dedicated pancake maker.

One inconvenience of a pancake maker, though, is you can only make one at a time. If you’re cooking for a group, that can become a problem. Although each pancake cooks in a matter of minutes, it will still take a while to make a minimum stack of two to three pancakes for two or more people.

One of the handiest pancake makers is a combination waffle and pancake maker. These units come with plates for either waffles or pancakes. Simply switch out the plates when you want something different for breakfast. This doubles the usefulness of your appliance.

If you’ve ever used a waffle maker, you know batter tends to be on the messy side. The good news is most of these devices have nonstick surfaces. To further ease cleanup, though, look for a pancake maker with plates you can either submerge in water or wash on the top shelf of your dishwasher. A nonstick surface also usually keeps you from needing oils, butter or cooking spray — something that can help out if you’re on a special diet or just trying to cut calories.

VBENLEM 110V Mini Dutch Pancake Baker, 50PCS 1700W Commercial Electric Nonstick Waffle Maker Machine, 1. 8 Inches Pancake Maker with 2 Thermostats & 2 Timers Separate Control, for Home and Restaurants

DASH Mini Maker Electric Round Griddle for Individual Pancakes, Cookies, Eggs & other on the go Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks with Indicator Light + Included Recipe Book – Black

Electric Crepe Maker 16″ Large Crepe Machine Maker Pancake Making Machine Flat Plate Crepe Griddle (Silver(110V))

13 Best Pancake Makers This 2022

What We Love

  • Versatile and multi-functional
  • Modern design
  • Easy to clean

What We Don’t Love

This is a great choice if you are looking for a pancake cooker with versatile functionality. Cuisinart boasts this electric cooking equipment with a half griddle and half grill function. Aside from cooking pancakes, you can press your paninis, grill your favorite meats, make sunny side-ups, and let your bacon cook to a crisp using this device.

Another plus is its sleek and modern design. It has an LCD screen that lets you monitor the temperature and set the timer. It’ll perfectly fit your kitchen, size and design-wise, especially if you are into minimalist or industrial kitchen styles.

Cuisinart’s Electric Griddle is also a piece of easy-clean kitchen equipment. This pancake maker has removable cooking plates that you can simply wipe or just pop inside your dishwasher to clean. The downside? Some customers report uneven heat distribution. But other than that, this product is still a catch!

ALDKitchen Mini Dutch Pancake Maker

  • Precise timer
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Nonstick surface
  • Can be pricey for home use
  • Large size for small countertops

This mini pancake maker is durable and rust-resistant as it’s made of stainless steel. You can also quickly identify the functions of each knob — from the power button to the temperature control. Make batches of mini pancakes for parties without worrying about the cleanup. One swipe of your kitchen towel and it’s good as new! Overall, this pancake maker is sure to be a hit for both big families and small businesses alike.

Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake Maker

  • Easy to clean
  • Can make 7 pieces of dollar pancakes at a time
  • Easy to use
  • Pan’s bottom is not flat
  • Not nonstick
  • Need a thin spatula to flip pancakes

Make silver dollar pancakes that you can partner with some yummy homemade pancake syrup using this Nord Ware Scandinavian Pancake Pan. Out of all the products currently on the market, we think this is the best pancake skillet out there as it’s made of cast aluminum, making it a high-quality and evenly heating pan.

However, do note that this pan’s bottom is not flat, so it might not sit well on your stove top depending on your burner size. It is also not nonstick, so don’t forget to oil it up before cooking your batter. Regardless of all that, it’s a worthy addition to your kitchen because it is durable, easy to use, and easy to clean. You just need water and some mild detergent and you’re all set.

Moos & Stone Electric Crepe Maker

  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Automatic temperature control

Maybe you are wondering how this Moos & Stone Electric Crepe Maker made our list, but this cooking equipment is not only exclusive to making crepes. Using this kitchen aid, you can also fry some bacon and eggs, make tortillas, and even create powder sugar pancakes

DASH Express Electric Round Griddle

  • Easy to clean
  • Compact size is great for smaller kitchens
  • Perfect for one to two people
  • Small size not suitable for big families
  • Top plate takes a while to heat up
  • No power button or temperature control

This Dash 8-inch Electric Pancake Griddle is more than just your typical pancake maker. Aside from fluffy breakfast pancakes, you can make eggs, cookies, grilled cheese, and quesadillas with this device. It is straightforward to use; just plug and cook.

Since it is small, it is so compact that you can bring it whenever you travel or camp. It can also make breakfast meals for one to two people. With that, we recommend this for dormers or personal use. But despite its size, this electric pancake maker is sturdy and durable.

Holstein Housewares Multi-Food Maker

  • Space-saving design
  • Nonstick
  • Extra safety protection features
  • Comes with a manual with recipes
  • Some parts are made of plastic
  • Short latch heats up with the rest of the body (may need kitchen gloves to handle)

If you love mini pancakes, you should try this Holstein Housewares’ Nonstick Mini Pancake Maker. It is very compact and has a space-saving design.  With its built-in safety lock and non-slip feature for extra protection, rest assured you can freely cook in the kitchen with your kids.

This equipment is not only for making mini pancakes. It is also a go-to kitchen tool when making , mini tortillas, cookies, and even corncakes. It can also make six pancakes at a time, making it very convenient to use when preparing breakfast for your family.

However, since plastic is the primary material of the outer part of this mini pancake maker, expect that it may become brittle over time. With that, it is less durable than the previous pancake makers on our list. But still, this one is worth the try.

Star Wars Pancake Maker

  • Cool design
  • Very compact
  • Easy to clean
  • Can only make two pancakes at a time
  • Some parts are made of plastic

Elevate your breakfast by using this cool and quirky pancake maker. Now, there are a lot to choose from — Kirby pancake makers, Mickey Mouse pancake makers, and other character pancake machines. But what we have here on our list caters to kids and those still young at heart — it’s the Star Wars pancake maker!

Now, you don’t have to take your kids to a galaxy far, far away to lure them to eat their morning meal. You just have to make their food a bit more fun. You can even take it to the next level and use this pancake maker to make healthy vegan banana pancakes. Now you have a healthy and fun meal that they can enjoy. But aside from its remarkable design, this equipment is also easy to use and very manageable to clean. Just wipe it, and you’re good to go.

If you are preparing a big meal for a large group, expect that it may take a while since you can only make two pancakes at a time. But its average size and very compact design make it a great addition to your kitchen and won’t take up too much counter space. It even comes with a batter scoop!

Cuisinart Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

  • Easy to use
  • Nonstick
  • Dishwasher-safe, detachable cooking plates
  • Has light indicators

We can all agree that pancakes and waffles are two of the best American breakfasts as you can enjoy them either sweet or savory. And if you like both waffles and pancakes, this Cuisinart Pancake and Waffle Maker is what you need! It has easy-to-change plates that you can swap from flat to rounded ones (for perfectly shaped pancakes and eggs) to Belgian-style ones for waffles. And since you can easily change from one plate to another, it also makes cleaning easy peasy.

Aside from that, this pancake and waffle maker is nonstick and has six available settings for temperature control. It also comes with a light indicator that tells you when your pancakes are done. Though this may cost you a few bucks more than a regular pancake maker in the market, we believe it’s worth the price since it’s durable and multipurpose.

BELLA Electric Ceramic Titanium Griddle

  • Eco-friendly
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Durable
  • Can cook food other than pancakes

Of course, we care for the environment as much as our health. And suppose that is your priority when purchasing your kitchen essentials. In that case, you might want to know about this BELLA Electric Griddle. It has a health-friendly and eco-friendly ceramic coating that is not harmful to the environment and your health. It is also very durable as it has titanium protection making it scratch-resistant.

This griddle is best for making classic pancakes, eggs, and bacon. You can even grill other kinds of meat using this kitchen equipment. It is also very easy to clean. It can be immersed in water by just removing the probe. You can also slide out the drip tray, and make it squeaky clean. You only need to consider that it has a short power cord, so prepare cooking near the power outlet or bring out your handy extension cord.

Nostalgia MyMini Personal Electric Griddle

  • Travel-friendly
  • Has indicator lights
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small in size
  • Can only cook one pancake at a time

This colorful Nostalgia MyMini Electric Griddle is travel-friendly and easy to clean. Apart from being able to bring it around to cook anywhere you want, you can clean it fuss-free by just wiping it with a clean damp cloth. Another plus is that it comes in different fun colors, so if you like a pop of color in your kitchen, this is an appliance that you’ll love.

Aside from the aesthetics, this pancake maker also has light indicators that will give you an idea of when it starts cooking. It can cook 5-inch pancakes, and you may use any batter you like. You can even make using this compact machine. The only downside of this pancake maker is that it is small and can only cook one pancake at a time. So if you plan to feed a big group, it may take a while to finish cooking. We highly recommend this for dormers or personal use.

Gotham Steel Double Pan

  • Nonstick
  • Lightweight
  • Scratch proof
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cooks only one regular-sized pancake at a time
  • Can’t be used on induction cooktops

Pancake flipping may be fun for others, but we can never deny that it is sometimes a hit or miss for some. Well, worry no more as we got you what we think is the best nonstick double pan that’s currently on the market, the Gotham Steel Double Pan. Just put the double pans together once the pancake’s ready to be flipped. The nonstick feature of this pan ensures the smooth release of your pancake once you flip it. It also makes it scratch-proof.

Aside from that, it has an ergonomic design with easy-to-grip handles and easy-to-maneuver weight. The only drawback is that you can only make one regular-sized pancake at a time. With that, allot extra time when preparing breakfast for a big crowd using this pan. Overall, if you are only planning to use this for personal or family use, this pan is still a steal.

KoxHox Crepe and Pancake Maker

  • Cordless
  • Versatile
  • Nonstick
  • Compact
  • Can only cook one pancake at a time
  • Instruction manual is a bit hard to understand

Let’s admit it, dealing with cords is quite a hassle. The answer to this dilemma? A cordless crepe and pancake maker! Not only is this kitchen buddy easy to use, but it is also very versatile. Cook not only pancakes and crepe using this kitchen wonder. You can also make tortillas, blintzes, egg rolls, and more.

It is also nonstick, making the cooking process and clean-up so easy. Additionally, it won’t consume much space on your kitchen counter given its compact design. The only disadvantage? It can only cook one pancake at a time. Also, the instruction manual that comes with it might not be so helpful. Still, you can always search the internet for some helpful folks that will give you instructions on how to use it and some handy tips.

Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan

  • Nonstick
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to clean
  • Rubber handles may melt when the temperature is too high
  • Uneven heat distribution

Do you love stuffed pancakes? Well then, we bet you’ll love this Norpro Stuffed Pancake Pan! You can create ham and cheese-filled pancakes if you prefer savory flavors. But you can also make Nutella stuffed banana pancakes if you want something on the sweeter side. It’s lightweight and nonstick, making the cooking process a lot easier. It is also effortless to clean.

Now, this pan heats up quickly. Exposing the handle to too much heat may melt it, so we suggest keeping your fire at medium temperature. Another downside of this pan is that it heats unevenly, so some stuffed pancakes may cook faster than others. But overall, it is still a great cooking tool and addition to your kitchenware.

How Much Pancake Machine Cost?

1. For new business, the customer can provide the budget and the finished product picture they want to make, and we will provide the customer with quotations of different specifications based on this information.

2. For the expansion of the output, there may be requirements on the material, voltage, output, etc. of the machine. Based on this information, we will make a quotation suitable for you.

Our company was established in 2010 with the goal of making it easier and safer for people to produce food. Developed spring roll wrapper and spring roll processing equipment. From semi-automatic to automatic, try again and again, experiment, sum up experience, improve the structure. Up to now, our company has developed various types of spring roll skin equipment, pancake maker, crepe making machine to help customers start and expand production and realize automatic operation.

VBENLEM Commercial Automatic Donut Making Machine 2 Rows Auto Doughnut Maker 7L Hopper Donut Maker with 3 Sizes Moulds 110V Doughnut Fryer with Intelligent Control Panel 304 Stainless Steel Auto Donut

What should you pay attention to when buying a pancake maker?

Time is precious in any catering business. That’s why all of Maxima’s appliances have a practical design for everyday use. Thanks to a timer, thermostat and a temperature indicator light, operation is simple. As a result, anyone can use it.

The aluminium baking tray has excellent heat conductivity so you can get started quickly. The appliances with a double baking tray include a convenient drip tray. This keeps your kitchen neat and tidy. An electric pancake maker can also be placed anywhere, which is a big advantage when compared to a pancake pan. This way you can also keep the stove free for making other dishes.

The main features are:

  • thermostat to set the precise temperature
  • lasts a long time, thanks to its durable construction
  • equipped with a timer so your pancakes do not burn
  • hygienic design with no hard-to-clean corners or holes
  • stands on sturdy stainless steel feet because safety comes first
  • includes a temperature indicator light so you know when to bake

Panghuhu88 25Pcs Mini Dutch Pancake Maker, 950W Electric Non-stick Muffin Maker Machine, Poffertje Maker Dorayaki Pancake Maker Machine for Bakery Home and Kitchen Restaurant Snack Bar (US Plug 110V)

VEVOR Mini Dutch Pancake Maker, Heart-Shaped Dutch Pancake Machine, 25PCs Pancake Maker Electric Commercial, 850W Mini Pancake Maker, 110V Proffertjes Muffin Waffle Maker for Kitchen Bakery Snack Bar

Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Portable Electric Crepe Maker 110V 8” Household Pancake Machine with Auto Temperature Control Non-stick Crepe Pan for Pancake, Blintz, Chapati,Including Egg Beater & Batter Pot Red&Black 1Pack

1. The machine can make pancake of the same size, and the thickness and diameter can be adjusted as needed;

2. Easy to operate, there is a PLC touch control panel, on which you can operate the amount of grouting, baking time, temperature, etc.

3. In order to adapt to the energy in different regions, the pancake maker machine mainly has gas heating and electric heating.

4. Automatic operation, high efficiency, more than ten times that of manual pancake production. Save labor costs.

5. The output is diverse, ranging from 500 to 9000 pieces/h (specifically based on the diameter of the leather), and the cost of the pancake making machine can also meet customers of different sizes.

What different pancake makers are there?

Maxima has pancake makers to make all kinds and sizes of pancakes. The most well recognised is the traditional Dutch pancake. This has the characteristic large, round shape. Thanks to the double griddle, Maxima’s pancake maker instantly bakes on both sides. In addition, there are models for making American-style pancakes. These allow you to make pancakes with a diameter of 75, 80 or 100mm, depending on the model.

Do you want to make nine American pancakes at once? Then look at the pancake makers with either the single or a double griddle. But there are even more options to choose from. The thinnest pancake is a crepe, which can be made with the crepe maker from Maxima. With the
you can bake smooth and wafer-thin crepes in just two minutes. To make the range complete, Maxima also has a Dutch
mini pancake maker


16″ Electric Crepe Maker Pancake Making Machine Round Crepe Griddle With heating Plate Commerical (Silver(110V))

Our Favorite Pancake Makers at a Glance

What is the difference between a Dutch and an American pancake?

The Dutch pancake is the classic large, round pancake. Maxima’s pancake maker makes it with a diameter of 215mm. The toppings on the Dutch pancake have infinite variety, both sweet and savoury. The American pancake is smaller, thicker and airier. The biggest difference here is in the batter. To get a thick, yet fluffy pancake, you need to use a raising agent, such as baking powder or baking soda in the batter.

50 Holes Dutch Pancake Maker, Non-stick Dorayaki Maker, Commercial Electric Mini Pancake Iron Muffin Machine – for Bakery Home Kitchen Restaurant Snack Bar (US Plug 110V)

New Crepes Maker Commercial Pancake Fruit Machine Double Heads LP Gas

Is a pancake maker suitable for my business?

Pancake makers fit into any catering business. Thanks to their practical size and sturdy stainless steel housing, they can be used anywhere. From canteen to market or cafe to restaurant, pancakes can be served at any time of the day: for breakfast, lunch, dessert or as a delicious snack!

OSTBA Panini Press Grill Indoor Grill Sandwich Maker with Temperature Setting, 4 Slice Large Non-stick Versatile Grill, Opens 180 Degrees to Fit Any Type or Size of Food, Removable Drip Tray, 1200W

How to Choose the Right Pancake Maker

Material and Design

A pancake maker’s material and design doesn’t only refer to how it appeals to you aesthetically. You should also consider its heat retention ability. We recommend choosing pancake makers with aluminum plates or stainless steel that heats up quickly. Nonstick pans are also a plus. It will help you create less greasy pancakes that are on the healthier side since you won’t need to use much oil.

Also, we suggest that you consider the material used for the pancake maker’s casing as it affects their weight and durability. Plastic outer materials may be way lighter in weight but might become brittle over time. Meanwhile, those made with stainless steel casing are more on the heavier side and are heavy-duty.

Now, when using full stainless steel pancake makers, be more cautious and wear oven mittens or use safety handles to avoid the risk of burning yourself.

Size and Capacity

Think about what kind of pancakes you like to make. Do you want large ones, regular-sized, or mini pancakes? Also, consider its capacity. Regular pancake makers will do the job if you are only making pancakes for yourself and a few people. But if you are trying to serve a big crowd or to use it commercially, avail pancake makers that will help you create 30 or more per batch.


There are pancake pans that do not need electricity. You’ll only need a heat source like your stove to use them and create pancakes. However, if it is an electric one, you should also consider the cooking power of your pancake maker. 900W is enough for home use. If it’s for commercial purposes, pick machines around 3000W to make it more efficient. Having a pancake maker with a wide range of temperature regulations will also help you achieve different pancakes with varying textures (from soft and fluffy to crunchy and crispy).

Finally, we recommend looking for a versatile pancake maker. A multipurpose machine will help you create variations in your food. It will also allow you to use the gadget for different purposes, making it more valuable in your kitchen.


Proper cleaning and storage will help you lengthen your machine’s life. With that, choose equipment that is easy to clean and maintain — like a nonstick pancake machine! You can also opt for ones with detachable plates that you can easily wipe or pop into your dishwasher.

Kolice Commercial Automatic Donuts Machine/Donuts Making Machine/Donut Maker

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VEVOR Commercial Automatic Donut Making Machine 2 Rows Auto Doughnut Maker 7L Hopper Donut Maker with 3 Sizes Moulds 110V Doughnut Fryer with Intelligent Control Panel 304 Stainless Steel Auto Donut

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TECHTONGDA 15. 75″ Commercial Pancake Maker Natural Gas 2000Pa Nonstick Crepe Maker Pancake Griddle Machine (Double 134032)

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on what type of pancake machine or equipment you are intending to use. With that, we highly encourage you to read the manual (or watch a guide video) before using the equipment.

Nonetheless, here are the general rules that you need to bear in mind when using any electric kitchen equipment:

  • Check your appliance’s voltage (110 to 120 VAC or 220 to 240 VAC) to avoid damaging your machine.
  • Once plugged, avoid touching surfaces. Use the handles and knobs to prevent burning yourself.

How do you clean a pancake maker?

So how do you clean a pancake griddle or a pancake maker? It depends on the cleaning and proper care manual that comes with the machine. Some products are conveniently dishwasher-friendly.

However, using a warm damp cloth, you can clean most nonstick pans, griddles, and appliances. If the plates are detachable, you can wash them with warm, soapy water. Do not forget to thoroughly dry your kitchen equipment before storing it to avoid rusting and mold formation.

Do you need to rest the pancake batter in the fridge before using it?

Yes. Doing this for about 30 to 45 minutes will allow the gluten in the batter to rest and starch to expand more, giving you a lighter pancake.

Which is better to use when cooking pancakes, oil or butter?

We recommend using oil with high smoke points (canola, coconut oil, or shortening) instead of butter since it burns quickly, especially when exposed to high temperatures. If you really want a buttery taste in your pancakes, you may use (a clarified form of butter) or add the butter as a topping to your newly made pancakes.

Now, even though using some fat on your cooking equipment will help you easily flip your pancake, do note that some cooking oil sprays may ruin your equipment — especially the nonstick ones. That’s because they may contain some chemicals that may leave a residue that can build up over time. This can be hard to remove or clean and may spoil the nonstick surface of your pancake maker.

Stuffed Pancake Maker- Make a GIANT Stuffed Waffle or Pan Cake in Minutes- Add Fillings for Delicious Breakfast or Dessert Treat, Electric, Nonstick w Silicone Batter Funnel – Fun Holiday Kitchen Gift

Maxima’s electric pancake makers have an aluminium baking trays with non-stick coating. This makes them easy to clean. After use, turn the machine off and unplug it. Start cleaning when the plate is no longer hot, but still feels warm.

You can remove the food remains with a little warm water, a brush, sponge or damp cloth. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents. Make sure that your plate is never scraped with sharp objects as this could damage the non-stick coating. Lastly, dry the plate with a soft cloth. The stainless steel exterior can also be wiped with a damp cloth so you can enjoy your Maxima pancake maker for a long time and always start every batch clean and hygienic.

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What Pancakes are made of?

●They are made from flour, eggs, sugar, milk, salt, bicarbonate of soda and cream of tartar. It is smaller than American or English pancakes, a the diameter is 9 cm. 
●They are made by an automatic pancake maker machine, dropping batter onto a baking plate, and then bake into pancakes of the same thickness.

TECHTONGDA Electric Griddle Crepe Maker 220V Pancakes Maker Machine with Double and Non Stick Plate for Roti Tortilla Eggs BBQ

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