Electric Waffle Cone Maker Machine 600-800PCS

The electric heated waffle cone maker machine is a professional equipment used for medium and small output cone manufacturers, which can make 600-800 pieces waffle cones per hour.

Besides 12 molds, our company also produced 6 molds, 9 molds, 15 molds and 18 molds cone machines. To meet the needs of customers of different scales, whether it is a new business or an expanding business.

Equipment Composition

  • Beater: This equipment evenly mixes water with flour, egg liquid, white sugar and other raw materials to make a smooth batter without particles. The diameter and height of this mixer are: 460mm*450mm cm, the capacity is 60 liters, and it can also be customized according to different output.
  • Cone Baking Machine: It is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel, independent temperature control, thickened thermal insulation cotton, and the waffle cone machine table is not hot.
  • Rolling machine: Usually equipped with two rolling heads, standard 220 volts, the aluminum rolling head will not stick to the mold. And the size of the waffle cone rolling head can be customized.

Video of Waffle Cone Maker Machine

  • Electric heating, reasonable layout of internal heating tubes, uniform heating of the ice cream waffle cone, bright color.
  • Thick insulation cotton overcomes the characteristics of the old commercial waffle cone machine which is not resistant to high temperature and easy to damage.
  • Wide application, waffle sugar cone machine can produce waffle cones, egg rolls, waffle bowls, pizzelles of different sizes.
  • The size, style and material of the baking plate can be customized, and then the baking plate can be changed to produce the desired product style.

Common Faults and Troubleshooting

1. The rolling head has been running, and check whether there is foreign matter in the induction switch.
2. The cylinder does not return the biscuit sheets, check whether the air pressure of the cone making machine is normal.

Choco shell wafer making machine is a special equipment for making wafer choco shells or wafer balls. GELGOOG provides customizable wafer choco shell making machines to meet the needs of different customers. The final shell is also used for chocolate filling. GELGOOG wafer shell making machine is with advantages of wide use, simple operation, and ressonable price.

How to use the wafer choco shell machine?

1. First, place the wafer shell machine flat on the water platform, do not tilt.

2. Connect the power supply, set the mold temperature up and down (adjust the temperature according to the recipe), and then wait for the temperature to rise.

3. After the mold temperature rises, the upper mold is pulled up and the lower mold is closed.

4. Pour the paddle into the lower mold, then close the upper mold to the lower mold, and bake the Chita to form the coffee cup.

5. Pull up the upper mold of the wafer coffee cup machine, open the lower mold, and the cone will automatically fall into the lower channel and slide out.

Advantages of wafer choco shell making machine:

★ The same type of molds can be interchanged, that is, one machine can be interchanged with multiple molds.

★ The wafer choco shell machine can produce beautiful shells and is an ideal container for chocolate balls.

★ Produce cones of different shapes and sizes, and provide three sizes of large (80-100), medium (60-80) and small (40-60) according to capacity (ml).
The machine can also used to make wafer cones, biscuit coffee cups, etc by changing moulds.

Baking Machines

  • JUPITER Wafer Baking Machines
  • MARS Machines for Moulded Wafer Bowls
  • METEOR Machines for Baked Chips
  • Batter Mixing Systems

For unique products

The MARS C machines for manufacturing bowls and snack wafer cups are designed for capacities of ca. 9,000 to ca. 20,000 items per hour depending on the recipe and dimensions. Originally designed for the Asian market, the machine is used to manufacture Monaka wafers. Two pressed wafer bowls assembled together form a three-dimensional shape that can be filled with ice cream or other fillings. There are virtually no limits to the creativity offered by these products in terms of design and filling.

Precision pays off

MARS C is a fully automatic machine. The wafers are baked in individual nests with precision tools, reducing the waste rate and excess to a minimum. The foaming process takes place in a closed and locked forms in the oven part of the machine. The residue that evaporates as a result is automatically removed and collected in big bags for example. A synchronised vacuum collector machine picks up the products, lifts them from the nests and takes them to a flat belt conveyor, where, after being sorted, they are put down on the transport belt and stacked.

Technologically ahead

The MARS oven system is based on new C technology, guaranteeing a uniform distribution of heat in the baking equipment and a low level of heat dissipation from the machine. Energy consumption is thus very low. Thanks to the external smooth surfaces and clean lines, the machine can be cleaned very effectively and quickly.

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