6 Ways to Make Ribbon Decorations

For most people, ribbon decoration means the same as ribbon. Ribbon embellishments made of ribbon material can be created in a number of ways, depending on what you’re doing it for. These decorations can be used as hair accessories, clothing accessories, gift wrapping, crafts, and more.


Step 1. Cut the ribbon material

Make sure the ribbon material is long enough to make a ribbon decoration. Always add extra measurements to make it easier for you to shape the ribbon and give the rest of the ribbon a fairly long tail.

Lay the tape material flat on a flat surface

Step 2. Join the ends in the middle of the ribbon

Tie the ends together to form two circles and two ribbons. Form the two circles if you can’t see the shape.

Step 3. Adjust the proportions

Check both the loop and the tail of the ribbon, that they are the size/length you want and that they are symmetrical.

Step 4. Fold the left circle over the right circle

Loop through the back and through the center hole. Pull the middle firmly.

Step 5. Done

Step 1. Measure and wrap the tape

Cut two meters of grosgrain ribbon. Wrap the ribbon material lengthwise around the box. Use glue or adhesive tape to hold the ends together, but don’t cut the ends (you’ll continue to decorate the two tails of the ribbon, so loops of ribbon will form from the tails later).

This ribbon decoration is suitable for decorating gift boxes

Step 2. Make a circle from the ribbon material

Bring the newly formed circle to the center. Hold the ribbon shape with your finger. Make a crease at the angle formed when the circle was flattened. Fold it back to make another circle. Secure it with glue/adhesive tape, if you wish. Make another circle with this step.

Step 3. Make more circles

Bring the other end of the tail to the center. Repeat making three more circles in the same way, then position them in the center and glue them together.

Step 4. Done

Step 1. Cut a piece of ribbon

You can use these ornaments as gift wrap, flower arrangements, hair accessories, and party decorations. Lay out the ribbon on a flat surface.

Step 2. Make two loops of ribbon

Bring the two sides of the ribbon to the center so that they overlap. Leave some of the ends of the ribbon for the tail.

Hold the center of the tape so it doesn’t come off

Step 3. Wrap and hide the wire

Wrap a thin piece of wire in the center of the ribbon. Wrap tape or tape around the wire to hide it. Use ribbons of the same color or a complementary color. After that, you can glue or sew the tape so it doesn’t come off.

Step 4. Adjust the bow and tail of the ribbon

Adjust them both so they are symmetrical. Cut the tail of the ribbon so that the strands don’t fray easily. Attach wired ribbon to gifts or flower arrangements.

Make a Bow Out of a Ribbon Step 14

Measure the length 115 cm. This ribbon decoration will look like a large flower in bloom and can be used for decoration, gift decoration or accessories.

Step 2. Measure the circle to be formed

Make a 2.5 cm circle using the 20 cm end of the ribbon. Pinch it between your thumb and forefinger to hold it in place.

Step 3. Create a circle

Make a 2 inch (5 cm) circle to the left of the circle you pinned using the long tail of the ribbon. Hold it with your thumb and forefinger.

Step 4. Do it on the other side

Make the same circle, but this time only on the right side. Continue making circles in the same way, alternating sides. Make three to five pairs of circles.

Step 5. Tie your ribbon decoration

Wrap a thin wire around the center of the ribbon. Wrap it tightly and trim off the excess wire. Hide the wire. Wrap the ribbon over the wire loop to cover it. Glue or sew the loop of ribbon.

Step 6. Expand the circles

These circles should be rounded to give a flower-like appearance.

Forming the Tail of the Ribbon

Make a Bow Out of a Ribbon Step 21

Step 1. Don’t forget the ribbon tails

Similar to the loops of the ribbon, the tail of the ribbon is also an important part of the overall appearance of the ribbon decoration. Not all ribbon decorations have tails, but for ribbon decorations that do, it’s important to keep them neat and pointed.

Make a Bow Out of a Ribbon Step 22

Step 2. Make the tail of the ribbon as long as possible

Make sure the tail of the ribbon is as long as possible. You can, of course, cut it to make it shorter, but it is impossible to make it longer without damaging the loops in the ribbon decoration.

Step 3. Trim the ends

Trimming the tail end of the ribbon will prevent it from fraying and make it look neat. Use sharp cloth scissors. The tail ends of the ribbon can be cut in several ways:

  • Diagonally: cut the ends of the ribbon diagonally.
  • Chevron cut or inverted V: choose a midpoint at the end of the ribbon. Cut diagonally from the left side and then the right side, and meet at the midpoint. Carefully remove the cut pieces if they haven’t come off.

Selecting the Ribbon

Make a Bow Out of a Ribbon Step 24

Step 1. Determine the purpose of making ribbon decorations

This will help you in selecting the texture and color of the material. For example: if the ribbon decoration is going to be used as a decoration for the clothes you are sewing or as an accessory that complements the outfit, match the ribbon to the color or texture of your clothes.

Make a Bow Out of a Ribbon Step 25

Step 2. Choose based on the quality

Satin is a type of material that is generally used to make ribbon decorations. However, this type of material is usually too slippery for beginners. Choose grosgrain material because it is easier to use for beginners. Patterned ribbons, velvet, gold ribbons, cotton ribbons, thin ribbons and other types of ribbons can also be used. Ribbons that have wire around the edges are great for decorating gifts and bouquets.

  • Basically, if you can tie the ribbon material tightly, it can be shaped into ribbon decorations by hand.
  • Some types of ribbon are too stiff to form a ribbon decoration without additional procedures, such as using wire or sewing.

Make a Bow Out of a Ribbon Step 26

Step 3. Experiment

Experiment with different types of ribbon materials, including different types of material widths, to find the model you want.

Keep in mind that you will need a lot of ribbon material to make the ribbon decoration. In this manufacturing process, all the folds and knots require a lot of material

  • To estimate the length of ribbon material needed to tie a gift box and then make a ribbon on it, loop the ribbon loosely around a medium sized box or gift, then add 60 cm to each end of the ribbon to make a ribbon decoration.
  • If using glue on tape, test it in an invisible area first and let it dry. If you see traces of glue after it dries, you will need to shape it in such a way that the glue marks are disguised or you may need to choose a different type of glue.
  • If you don’t want to make a ribbon decoration from scratch, try using a ribbon maker, or buy a ready made ribbon at a craft store or online.

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