Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts

Chocolate chip cookies with walnuts

I haven’t given any new cookie recipes for a long time. I am getting better. This time it will be chocolate with walnuts. Although the nuts here can be anything you like. Or they may not exist at all.

I made cookies with dark cocoa, which is why I have such a rich chocolate color. With regular cocoa, it will of course be lighter in color. Which, however, will not greatly affect the taste of the cookies;)

Ingredients for 24 pieces

The foundation

  • butter 120 grams
  • sugar 220 grams
  • eggs 2 pcs.
  • cocoa powder 60 grams
  • flour 300 grams
  • soda 1/3 tsp
  • walnuts 100 grams

Cooking recipe

Beat butter with sugar until creamy.

Add eggs one at a time, beating after each. We introduce flour sifted with cocoa and soda and knead the dough.

Add chopped nuts.

We mix.

Form the dough into walnut-sized balls and place them on a baking sheet at a distance of 4-5 cm from each other.

We send it to an oven preheated to 180 degrees and bake for 15-18 minutes. Cool and serve.