Cafés & Restaurants around HSE University

Pokrovka and Myasnitskaya

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In addition to house specialties like stuffed pancakes and cakes, the menu includes snacks and sandwiches, as well as soups and salads. You can get a good breakfast for 350 – 400 roubles ($6 – 7), and a more substantial lunch costs about 700 roubles ($12). However, during the week, these cafés have special breakfast and lunch deals.

Sbarro (Сбарро)

Italian cuisine at reasonable prices – the average bill is about 300 – 600 roubles ($5 – 11). It offers thin – crust pizza by the slice, pastas & salads.

33 Zemlyanoi Val Ulitsa (Atrium Shopping Mall)

Mandarin Combustible

Average bill: 1500 – 2000 roubles ($25 – 33)

A beautiful restaurant with delicious pan-Asian cuisine.

2 Malyy Cherkasskiy Pereulok

Stars Coffee

The menu includes full hot meals and fresh to–go dishes. The average bill is about 700 roubles ($12).

11 Myasnitskaya (not opened yet)

Teremok (Теремок)

Traditional Russian cuisine. A substantial two–course lunch costs about 450 roubles ($8). Lunch includes a hot meal and a pancake of your choice.


Average bill: 1500 roubles ($25)

Business lunch served: 12.00 – 16.00 from 390 roubles ($7)

The USSR may be a thing of the past but Russians have not given up the delicacies of the former republics’ cuisine. Our neighbours food was too good for that! Muscovites are very fond of their Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian, and Uzbek restaurants. For some people it’s nostalgic, while others just love eating well. Khachapuri offers the cuisine of the Georgian part of the USSR. Home – made Tarkhun, varieties of Khachapuri, roast Suluguni, Lobio, in other words – all sunny Georgia’s famous dishes. Khachapuri has an interesting management structure.

Doughnuts café

Average bill: 450 roubles ($7 – 8)

The menu includes doughnuts with or without fillings, with sprinkles or jam, apples or apricots. There is a choice of tea, coffee or milk cocktails.

13 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, Bldg 3

5 Teatral’nyy Proyezd, Bldg 1


Average bill: 1200 roubles ($20)

Business lunch: 440 roubles ($7 – 8)

JohnJoli will help you understand what we mean by the idea of the hospitable Caucasian soul.

Vai Me!

Average bill: 500 roubles ($8 – 9)

Traditional Georgian cuisine, located next to the buildings on Myasnitskaya. Significantly cheaper than comparables.

11 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa


Average bill: 600 roubles ($10)

Business lunch: 370 roubles ($6)

Salads, pasta, wok, meat and fish cooked on open fire and in a wood stove.

13/3 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa

Ramen Club

Average price: 600 roubles ($10)

This restaurant is for lovers of Japanese culture or those who want to try new cuisine.
Japanese cuisine: ramen, gyoza, onigiri, and kimchee.

16 Myasnitskaya Ulitsa

Varenichnaya No

Average bill: 1000 roubles ($17)

An atmospheric, cosy place to drink coffee and eat desserts or sandwiches.

7 Devyatkin Pereulok

Novator (Новатор)

Coffee to go window. The menu includes coffee, desserts, bread, pastries, sandwiches.

Average bill: 300 roubles ($5)

17 Podsosensky Lane

KK 12/10

Located right next to Chiho is the coffee shop KK 12/10. It offers different types of coffee, tea, matcha drinks, and a selection of beer.

Address: 12/10 Krivokolennyy Pereulok

Average bill: 200–300 roubles

Ziferblat (циферблат)

Ziferblat is a cosy place where everyone can feel at home. In this library-café and co-working space, customers can read books, work, play the piano, attend events, or just relax and drink as much tea or coffee as they want.

Address: 19 Kuznetsky Most, Building 1

Bill: 1 hour–180 roubles; 2 hours–360 roubles
      No charge after the fourth hour and until morning.


Owned by an Italian couple and located very close to HSE University’s Pokrovka building, Maestrello offers average-priced pizzas and other Italian dishes.


A cosy coffee shop for coffee and tasty snacks, including waffles.

Burger heroes

Fast food restaurant

Average bill: 750 roubles ($12)

19 Ulitsa Bol’shaya Ordynka


Japanese restaurant, 24-hour delivery. A large selection of sushi and rolls.

53 Ulitsa Pyatnitskaya

Lunch restaurant, free Wi-Fi. A varied menu, mostly Georgian cuisine, with delivery service.


25к1 Shabolovka St

Chokoladnitsa (Шоколадница)

A cosy coffee shop with large windows all around.

Average bill: 500 roubles ($8)

14 Donskaya St


A well-reputed coffee shop next to the university building.

21/4с2 Staraya Basmannaya St

Zolotoy Drakon

Average bill: 800 roubles ($13)

Zhi Yest’

11 Ordzhonikidze St

Cozy Buffet

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

4 Bardina St

Kochnovsky Proezd

Average bill: 820 roubles ($14)

Business lunch: 350 roubles ($6)

62а Leningradskiy Prospekt

Coffee House (Кофе Хауз)

The menu and prices are similar to those at Chokoladnitsa, free Wi-Fi.

74 Leningradskiy Prospekt

Coffee Bean

The menu is designed more for those who are looking for a quick snack with a sandwich or dessert fans.

Il Patio

Business lunch: 440 roubles ($7)

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