Apple waffles

Get out your waffle makers and get a new portion of apples from the balcony)))) We will bake apple waffles. The dough for them is kneaded as simply as possible from the most trivial ingredients. I quickly kneaded the dough, grated the apples, mixed everything – and bake for myself 🙂

There are such waffles very tasty with condensed milk or with liquid honey. Alternatively, you can sprinkle them with powdered sugar mixed with cinnamon for a great pairing with apples.

Ingredients for 10 pieces

Waffle base

  • eggs 2 pcs.
  • milk 200 ml.
  • sugar 80 grams
  • vanilla sugar 1 tsp
  • vegetable oil 50 ml.
  • flour 225 grams
  • baking powder 1 tsp
  • medium apple 2 pcs.

Cooking recipe

Combine eggs, vanilla and regular sugar and milk. Beat lightly with a whisk until smooth.

Add butter, as well as flour sifted with baking powder. We knead the dough.

Cut the core out of the apples, peel off the skin. Three pulp on a coarse grater.

Add apples to the dough and mix.

We heat up the waffle iron. We spread the dough and bake the waffles. We serve.